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Did you know that there are only 20,000 Pepper humanoid robots in the world? One of them can be found in the educational and entertainment center Energoland near the Mochovce nuclear power plant. Pepper is much more than a robot – it is a true humanoid companion that is designed to communicate with you in a natural and intuitive way through body and voice movements. It is kind, cute and full of surprises. It recognizes human emotions and adapts their behavior to them, ”describes Pepper, a robot developed by Softbank Robotics, its Slovak supplier Adastra.

Pepper simply belongs to Energoland Mochovce: It smiles, knows how to dance, flashes his eyes colored and even understands and speaks Slovak! In addition to welcoming excursions and visitors, the robot likes to give you trivia quiz on nuclear energy or and even takes a selfie with you.