Energoland offers more than 40 interactive exhibits.


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Energoland 360° Tour 2:18

Virtual guide Gaia will take you to the Energoland world of energy in our 360° video.

30-second Tour 0:30

Take a quick glance inside the building and see the clean design of Energoland exposition.


3D cinema

put on the 3D goggles and see the energy story from the Big Bang to near future in the Energy Odyssey film: trailer


Heat up in the unbelievable race on interactive floor and find out how much energy you can generate

Discovery trip

PC game on a CO2-free motorbike, where you can travel from Antics to the future and test your knowledge.

Thermal mirror

Look at your thermal image in real time

Van den Graaf generator

This will energise you until your hair is raised.

Cloud chamber

A unique view at radioactivity around us.

Control room

Became a nuclear power plant operator for a while and control the reactor.

Grid operator

Try to control the electricity grid to prevent BLACKOUT.


Enter the protective shell of the reactor with different pressure.

Carbon footprint

Do you know that hamburger’s footprint is 2.5 kg of CO2? And what about flying to America?

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