Energoland offers more than 40 interactive exhibits.


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Energoland 360° Tour 2:18

Virtual guide Gaia will take you to the Energoland world of energy in our 360° video.

30-second Tour 0:30

Take a quick glance inside the building and see the clean design of Energoland exposition.


3D cinema

put on the 3D goggles and see the energy story from the Big Bang to near future in the Energy Odyssey film: trailer


Heat up in the unbelievable race on interactive floor and find out how much energy you can generate

Discovery trip

PC game on a CO2-free motorbike, where you can travel from Antics to the future and test your knowledge.

Thermal mirror

Look at your thermal image in real time

Van den Graaf generator

This will energise you until your hair is raised.

Cloud chamber

A unique view at radioactivity around us.

Control room

Became a nuclear power plant operator for a while and control the reactor.

Grid operator

Try to control the electricity grid to prevent BLACKOUT.


Enter the protective shell of the reactor with different pressure.

Carbon footprint calculator

How big is the carbon footprint that you imprint on Earth?

Our new reception guide


Take a cool snap from the power plant and share it in social media.

Time Machine

Observe how energy on Earth has been used over time.

Carbon footprint

Do you know that hamburger’s footprint is 2.5 kg of CO2? And what about flying to America?


Look at the nature around the Mochovce nuclear power plant.

Natural energy sources

See how we convert natural sources of energy into electricity.

Radiation around us

Here you will learn all the essentials about radiation, even if it can be dangerous.

Cherenkov radiation

Our device will illuminate the phenomenon that also occurs in a nuclear reactor and was named after the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Energy talks

Relax and enjoy all the useful information about life with electricity.

Virtual tour of the Mochovce NPP

See what is being done in our nuclear power plant.

Radioactive waste

Find out how long, where and why spent nuclear fuel or other radioactive waste is stored.

Energopolis game

Play this game in which you can build and progress the energy-efficient city.

Global warming

Human activity has a significant impact on the changing climate on Earth. What are the scientific methods for studying the Greenhouse effect?


Right after entering, you have the opportunity to see the exhibits from the 6,000-year-old stone ax to the recent past of the Mochoviec area.

Decay of radioactive uranium U238

You will find out how long the half-life of radioactive elements lasts.

Nuclear safety

Do you know what it takes to achieve the maximum level of safety in a nuclear power plant?

Fuel cycle

Learn the path of nuclear fuel from loading into the reactor to storage after use.

Fuel cartridge

It consists of a number of wands and can produce a huge amount of energy. We will gladly show you how it works on the model.

Energy map

Overall view of energy production.

Active zone model

This model helps you understand how a pressurized water nuclear reactor works.

How electricity is produced in NPP

We will help you understand the processes by which electricity is produced in a nuclear power plant.

Fission reaction

This animation will show you how an atom is split and how much energy is created in such a fission reaction.

World map of nuclear power plants

In the entrance hall of Energoland we have mapped countries that produce electricity in nuclear power plants around the world.

Pros & cons of electricity production

Compare which forms of electricity generation are more environmentally friendly than others.

Energy mix

Which country dominates nuclear power generation? And how is Slovakia doing?